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Argentine Horned Frog
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Argentine Horned Frog
Photographer: Avmaier

Argentine Horned Frog Range Map (South America)
Argentine Horned Frog Range Map
(South America)

Argentine Horned Frog
An Argentine Horned Frog at the
Lakeland Wildlife Oasis, Milnthorpe,
Cumbria, UK. © Lakeland Wildlife Oasis
Latin Name Ceratophrys ornata
Conservation Status Least Concern
Location South America
Colour Various (see below)
Length Up to 15 cms (6 inches)

Mostly Terrestrial

Breeding Season


Main Characteristics

Argentine Horned Frogs are large, aggressive, and inactive frogs. Females are much larger than males and they can grow up to 15 cms (6 inches) long.

They tend to be green in colour with black or red markings but they can sometimes be darker. They have a large rounded body, their mouth is as wide as their head, they have teeth and their upper eyelids come to a point over their eyes.

When they are threatened they will puff up and also they can make a screaming sound.

They are popular as pets and in captivity they can live for as long as 8 - 10 years if they are properly cared for.


They are found in the woodlands of South America near areas with shallow water. During the year when the temperatures are cooler, they will spend most of their time buried underground.


They are very voracious eaters and they sit and wait for food to come to them. They swallow their prey whole and their diet mainly consists of insects, small birds, lizards, frogs, and small mammals.


During the breeding season males will call out to females. 1000 - 2000 eggs are laid and attached to vegetation in shallow water.

When the tadpoles hatch they are carnivorous and they will eat live worms. After 1 month they will begin to turn into small frogs.

Interesting Facts

Argentine Horned Frogs are also known as:
Argentine Wide Mouthed Frog
Ornate Horned Frog
South American Ornate Horned Frog
Bell Horned Frog
Horned Frog
Pacman Frog


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