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Darwin's Frog

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 Chile Darwin's Frog

Darwin's Frog
Photographer: Mono Andes

Darwin's Frog Range Map (South America)
Darwin's Frog Range Map (South America)

Latin Name Rhinoderma darwinii
Conservation Status Vulnerable
Location Southern South America
Colour Brown or Green
Length 2.5 - 3 cms (1 - 1.25 inches

Mostly Terrestrial

Breeding Season

Year Round

Main Characteristics

Darwin's Frogs are either brown or green coloured with a black underside. They are 2.5 - 3 cms (1 - 1.25 inches) in length and they are easily recognizable by their small, sharply pointed snout.

They also have thin legs, with long fingers and webbed toes. They have horizontal pupils in their eyes and they are mainly nocturnal.


They are found in damp shady valleys in mountain forests of Chile and Argentina. They favour a habitat close to flowing water.


A Darwin's Frogs diet mainly consists of insects.


Darwin's Frogs breed all year round and the male attracts the female with a small bell like call. The female lays approximately 40 large eggs on moist soil and the male guards them for 2 - 3 weeks.

When the eggs begin to move, the male will swallow approximately 15 of them and he keeps them in his vocal sacs where they hatch into tadpoles. The tadpoles use their own egg yolk to develop into tiny froglets then they emerge from their fathers mouth and swim away.

Interesting Facts

Darwin's Frog is named after Charles Darwin.

Darwin's Frogs are also known as:
Cowboy Frog


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