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Indian Bullfrog

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Indian Bullfrog from the Western Ghats
Indian Bullfrog from the Western Ghats
Photographer: Sandilya Theuerkauf

Indian Bullfrog from Bangalore
Indian Bullfrog from Bangalore
Photographer: Saleem Hameed

Indian Bullfrog Range Map (South & South East Asia)
Indian Bullfrog Range Map
(South & South East Asia)
Latin Name Hoplobatrachus tigerinus
Conservation Status Least Concern
Location South & South East Asia
Colour Yellowish/Olive Green
Length 15 cms (6 inches)

Mainly Aquatic

Breeding Season

Rainy Season

Main Characteristics

Indian Bullfrogs are large frogs and they grow up to 15 cms (6 inches) in length. They are coloured yellowish/olive green and they have dark irregular markings.

Their snout is pointed and they have long hind limbs. Their toes are nearly entirely webbed.

The Indian Bullfrog is solitary and is is usually nocturnal.

When they are frightened they jump over the surface of the water in much the same way as they would over land.


The Indian Bullfrog is found in the wetlands of South and South East Asia. It inhabits holes and bushes near permanent bodies of water.


The diet of an Indian Bullfrog consists of insects, small mammals and small birds.


Breeding takes place during the monsoon season and large numbers of eggs are laid in pools. Their is a high mortality rate among tadpoles and froglets.

Interesting Facts

The Indian Bullfrog is the largest Indian frog.


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