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Moor Frog

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Moor Frog

A male Moor Frog during the breeding season
A male Moor Frog during the breeding season

Moor Frog Range Map (Europe & Asia)
Moor Frog Range Map (Europe & Asia)
Latin Name Rana arvalis
Conservation Status Least Concern
Location Europe & Asia
Colour Brown
Length Up to 7 cms (2.8 inches)

Semi Aquatic

Breeding Season


Main Characteristics

Moor Frogs are a slim, reddish/brown coloured frog and they grow up to 7 cms (2.8 inches) in length. They have a large, dark ear spot and sometimes they will have a pale coloured stripe down their back.

They have fairly short back legs compared to other frogs and their toes are partially webbed. Their pupils are horizontal. Their call sounds similar to that of the agile frog.

If a Moor Frog is on land and they feel threatened, they will make a long, high jump and then bury themselves in soil or grass.


Moor Frogs are found in Europe and Asia and they prefer areas such as damp bogs and meadows. During the winter months they hibernate, emerging in spring to breed.


Moor frogs mainly feed on insects and other invertebrates.


Moor Frogs breed during March and April and they lay 1,000 - 3,000 eggs in a clump in warm, shallow water. During this time, males can develop a blue colouration. Metamorphosis occurs from June to October, depending on their location.

Moor Frogs reach sexual maturity between 2 and 5 years of age.

Interesting Facts

Moor Frogs are also known as:
Altai Brown Frog


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