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Orange Thighed Frog
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Orange Thighed Frog
Photographer: Rainforest Harley

Orange Thighed Frog Range Map (Australia)
Orange Thighed Frog Range Map (Australia)

Latin Name Litoria xanthomera
Conservation Status Least Concern
Location Australia
Colour Green
Length Up to 5.5 cms (2.2 inches)

Mostly Terrestrial

Breeding Season

Rainy Season

Main Characteristics

The Orange Thighed Frog is a medium sized tree frog and they grow up to 5.5 cms (2.2 inches) in length. They are coloured green on their backs with a white, yellow, or orange underside. The backs of their thighs are coloured bright orange, hence their name.

They are a slender frog with a thin body, flat head and large eyes, which are golden in colour and have an orange outer ring. The fingers on their fore limbs are three quarters webbed while the toes on their hind limbs are fully webbed.


Orange Thighed Frogs are found in the dense rainforests of northern Queensland, Australia. They spend most of their time in the canopy, only descending to breed.


The diet of an Orange Thighed Frog consists of insects.


Orange Thighed Frogs breed during the rainy season and males congregate around still ponds and call out to females from low branches or the waters edge. They call in a chorus and this can go on for 9 - 12 hours.

800 - 1600 eggs are laid in shallow water and they are brown in colour. When the tadpoles hatch they are identical to those of the red eyed tree frog.

Interesting Facts

Orange Thighed Frogs are also known as:
Orange Thighed Tree Frog
Orange Thighed Green Tree Frog
Northern Red Eyed Tree Frog


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