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Surinam Toad

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Surinam Toad

Surinam Toad Range Map (South America)
Surinam Toad Range Map (South America)

Latin Name Pipa pipa
Conservation Status Least Concern
Location Northern South America
Colour Grey
Length 5 - 20 cms (2 - 8 inches)

Wholly Aquatic

Breeding Season

Rainy Season

Main Characteristics

Surinam Toads are almost completely flat, with a rectangular shaped body and a triangular head. They have large, powerful, clawless rear legs and their feet are broadly webbed. On the ends of their fingers they have star like appendages that assist them in finding food.

They grow to lengths between 5 and 20 cms (2 - 8 inches) long and they are mottled grey in colour. They have tiny, lidless black eyes that point upwards and they have no tongue. They also have sense organs along their sides that help to detect vibrations in the muddy waters


Surinam Toads are found in Northern South America. They prefer to live in turbid, muddy and slow moving bodies of water. They spend their time on the bottom, surfacing for air.


The diet of a Surinam Toad consists of small fish, worms and water bugs.

They detect food using their fingertips then launch a forward strike to claim it.


Surinam Toads have very unusual breeding techniques. While they are joined in amplexus they flip through the water in arcs. During these arcs the female releases eggs which are then fertilized by the male, and embedded in the back of the female, where they adhere to her sponge like skin.

Within 24 hours the female's back reacts to the eggs and after about 10 days each egg is embedded in its own chamber. They remain they until metamorphosis has taken place and they emerge as fully developed toads.

Interesting Facts

Surinam Toads are also known as:
Star-Fingered Toad


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