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Common Buzzard
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Common Buzzard
Photographer: Arend

Common buzzard in flight
Photographer: Aviceda

Common Buzzard
Photographer: Spencer Wright

Common Buzzard Range Map (Europe, Asia & Africa)
Common Buzzard Range Map (Europe, Asia & Africa)
Dark green: Resident all year
Light green: Breeding area
Blue: Wintering area

Latin Name Buteo buteo
Conservation Status Least Concern
Location Europe, Africa & Asia
Colour Brown
Length 43 - 57 cms (17 - 22.5 inches)
Wingspan 109 - 136 cms (43 - 54 inches)
Weight 525 - 1,000 g (19 - 36 oz)
Life Expectancy -

Main Characteristics

The Common Buzzard is a medium-sized raptor. They have a body length between 43 and 57 cms (17 - 22.5 inches), a wingspan between 109 and 136 cms (43 - 54 inches) and they weigh between 525 and 1,000 g (19 - 36 oz).

They vary in colour from almost pure white to black but they are mainly shades of brown with pale feathers around their neck. They have large, broad wings and a shortish tail.


Common Buzzards can be found in Europe, Asia and Africa.


Common Buzzards mainly feed on relatively small prey such as voles, mice and insects. They are often seen on the ground, especially in winter, feeding on insects and earthworms.




The subspecies of the Common Buzzard include:

Buteo buteo buteo
Inhabits: most of Europe

Buteo buteo rothschildi
Inhabits: Azores

Buteo buteo insularum
Inhabits: Canary Islands

Buteo buteo arrigonii
Inhabits: Corsica and Sardinia

Buteo buteo menetriesi
Inhabits: Caucasus

Madeira Buzzard
Buteo buteo harterti
Inhabits: Madeira

Steppe Buzzard
Buteo buteo vulpinus
Inhabits: Eurasia. It is a migrant breeder

Himalayan Buzzard
Buteo buteo burmanicus
Inhabits: Himalayas and western China

Eastern Buzzard
Buteo buteo japonicus
Inhabits: Japan. Resident all year

Buteo buteo toyoshimai
Inhabits: Izu Islands and Bonin Islands

Buteo buteo oshiroi
Inhabits: Daito Islands

Interesting Facts

Common Buzzards are also known as:
Eurasian Buzzard

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