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The Asian Group

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British Bombay
British Bombay

Country of Origin Great Britain
Date of Origin 1981
Weight 4 - 7 Kgs (9 - 15 lbs)

Main Characteristics

The Asian Group are medium sized, elegant cats. Their short, fine coat can be a variety of colours and patterns. They are classified as four different varieties:
The Asian Self (incl Bombay or British Bombay)
The Asian Tabby
The Asian Smoke
The Burmilla


The Asian Group of cats are relaxed and engaged.


If you are considering an Asian cat as a pet, consider the following points:
They require moderate grooming
They are gregarious
They are active

Interesting Facts

The Asian Group of cats are commonly referred to as:
Asian Cats
Asian Shorthairs

Cats in this group that have a smoke pattern were once called Burmoires.

Note: The Bombay or British Bombay in the group is different to the American Bombay Breed.

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