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Photographer: Claudia Zaino

Country of Origin Burma or France
Date of Origin Unknown
Weight 4.5 - 8 Kgs (10 - 18 lbs)

Main Characteristics

Birmans are medium to large well built cats with small round-tipped ears and white "gloved" paws. Their coat is long and soft, and can be the following patterns and colours:
Self and tortie points: seal, chocolate, red, blue, lilac, cream, seal tortie, chocolate tortie, blue tortie and lilac tortie.
Tabbie points: As above.


Birmans are friendly and reserved cats.


If you are considering a Birman as a pet, consider the following points:
They require daily grooming
They are self contained
They are sedate

Interesting Facts

Birmans are also known as:
Sacred Cat of Burma
Sacred Birman

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