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Japanese Bobtail

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Shorthaired Japanese Bobtail
Shorthaired Japanese Bobtail

Country of Origin Japan
Date of Origin Pre 19th Century
Weight 2.5 - 4 Kgs (6 - 9 lbs)

Main Characteristics

Japanese Bobtails are medium sized, slender but well muscled cats. Their short, pom-pom tail is carried either straight or curled. They can be either long or shorthaired and their coat can be a variety of patterns and colours.


Japanese Bobtails are vibrantly alert.


If you are considering a Japanese Bobtail as a pet, consider the following points:
They require light grooming
They are gregarious
They are active
They are usually vocal

Interesting Facts

Japanese Bobtails are a rare breed of cat.

Tortoishell and white bobtails are known as Mi-ke in Japan which means "three fur". They are the most prized coat colour and pattern and odd-eyed Mi-ke cats are even more favoured than blue or gold eyed versions.

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