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Photographer: Jonik

Country of Origin Isle of Man
Date of Origin Pre 1700s
Weight 3.5 - 5.5 Kgs (8 - 12 lbs)

Main Characteristics

Manx cats have a solid, compact build. They either have no tail (rumpies), a very short tail (stumpies), or a longer, almost natural tail (tailies). Another distinguishing trait of Manx cats are their long hind legs which give them a bunny-hop gait. Their thick coat can be a variety of colours and patterns.


Manx cats are mellow and even tempered.


If you are considering a Manx as a pet, consider the following points:
They require light grooming
They are self contained
They are sedate
They are usually quiet

Interesting Facts

Manx cats are also known as:
Kayt Manninagh (in Manx)
Stubbin (in Manx)

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