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Country of Origin USA
Date of Origin 1980s
Weight 2.25 - 4 Kgs (5 - 9 lbs)

Main Characteristics

Munchkins are small cats and they proportionally sized in every way, except they have very short legs. Their coat can be either long or short haired and they can be a variety of colours and patterns.


Munchkins are appealing and inquisitive.


If you are considering a Munchkin as a pet, consider the following points:
They require light grooming (Shorthair)
They require moderate grooming (Longhair)
They are active
They are usually vocal

Interesting Facts

Munchkins are a a controversial breed of cat. Some cat registries do not recognize the breed as they consider them to be based on a "genetic disease" or "abnormal structure or development".

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