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Photographer: Simone Johnsson

Two Ragdoll Kittens
Two Ragdoll Kittens

Country of Origin USA
Date of Origin 1960s
Weight 4.5 - 9 Kgs (10 - 20 lbs)

Main Characteristics

Ragdolls are large, solidly built cats that are well known for their docile and placid temperament. Their coat is medium to long, soft in texture and can be the following patterns and colours:
Pointed: seal, chocolate, blue and lilac.
Mitted: As above.
Bi-colour: As above.


Ragdolls are genial and relaxed.


If you are considering a Ragdoll as a pet, consider the following points:
They require moderate grooming
They are self contained
They are sedate
They are usually quiet

Interesting Facts


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