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American Foxhound

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American Foxhound
Photographer: Jonathan Schlegel

Classification Hound
Country of Origin USA
Date of Origin 1800s
Height 53 - 64 cm (21 - 25 inches)
Weight 30 - 34 Kgs (65 - 75 lbs)
Life Expectancy 11 - 13 Yrs

Main Characteristics

American Foxhounds are well balanced, powerful dogs. They possess great stamina and endurance, and have a natural ability to hunt. Their short coat can be red, black and tan, blue or tri-coloured (white, black and brown).


American Foxhounds are friendly, kind, loyal and not aggressive.


If you are considering an American Foxhound as a pet, consider the following points:
They are unsuitable for urban living
They are usually ok with children
They require minimal grooming
The are content to live and sleep outdoors
They need a lot of physical exercise
They usually get on well with other dogs

Interesting Facts

American Foxhounds are also known as:


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