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UK KC Classification Pastoral
Country of Origin Italy
Date of Origin Antiquity
Height 56 - 61 cm (22 - 24 inches)
Weight 26 - 38 Kgs (57 - 84 lbs)
Life Expectancy 11 - 13 Yrs

Main Characteristics

Bergamasco are medium sized and powerfully built. Their coats are long and heavy and it forms into loose mats from the topline of their body. They are black, grey or light fawn in colour.


Bergamasco are patient and intelligent dogs.


If you are considering a Bergamasco as a pet, consider the following points:
They are unsuitable for urban living
They thrive in cold temperatures
They are content to live and sleep outdoors
They usually make good watch dogs
They may be troublesome with other dogs

Interesting Facts

Bergamasco are also known as:
Bergamasco Shepherd Dog
Cane da pastore Bergamasco
Bergamese Shepherd

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