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UK KC Classification Hound
Country of Origin Belgium
Date of Origin Middle Ages
Height 58 - 69 cm (23 - 27 inches)
Weight 36 - 50 Kgs (80 - 110 lbs)
Life Expectancy 10 - 12 Yrs

Main Characteristics

Bloodhounds are noble, powerful dogs. They have an excellent sense of smell and a strong tracking instinct. Their coat is short and it can be black and tan, liver and tan or red in colour.


Bloodhounds are affectionate, sensitive dogs.


If you are considering a Bloodhound as a pet, consider the following points:
They are unsuitable for urban living
They are usually ok with children
They are suitable for cold climates
They require a minimal amount of grooming
The are not easy to obedience train
They usually get on well with other dogs

Interesting Facts

Bloodhounds are also known as:
St. Hubert Hound
Chien St Hubert
Chien de Saint-Hubert

The Walt Disney character Pluto is a bloodhound.


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