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Irish Water Spaniel

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Irish Water Spaniel

UK KC Classification Gundog
Country of Origin Ireland
Date of Origin 1800s
Height 51 - 58 cm (20 - 23 inches)
Weight 20 - 30 Kgs (45 - 65 lbs)
Life Expectancy 12 - 14 Yrs

Main Characteristics

Irish Water Spaniels are strongly built, upstanding dogs. Their coat consists of dense, tight ringlets and it is liver in colour.


Irish Water Spaniels are affectionate, but they can be aloof with strangers.


If you are considering an Irish Water Spaniel as a pet, consider the following points:
They are usually ok with children
They are happy to live and sleep outdoors
They are easy to obedience train
They usually get on well with other dogs
They need a lot of physical exercise

Interesting Facts

Irish Water Spaniels are also known as:
Whip Tail
Shannon Spaniel
Rat Tail Spaniel
Bog Dog

The Irish Water Spaniel is the largest breed of spaniel.

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