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Queensland Tube-Nosed Bat

Queensland Tube-Nosed Bat

Queensland Tube-Nosed Bat Range Map (Australia)
Queensland Tube-Nosed Bat Range Map (Australia)

Latin Name Nyctimene robinsoni
Conservation Status Least Concern
Location Australia
Colour Brown
Length -
Tail -
Wingspan -
Weight -
Life Expectancy -

Main Characteristics

Queensland Tube-Nosed Bats are dark brown in colour with greyish heads and they have sparse yellow spots.

They get their common name from their raised tubular nostrils.


Queensland Tube-Nosed Bats are found in Australia. They are one of the few species in the family Pteropodidae that roosts solitary.

Interesting Facts

Queensland Tube-Nosed Bats are also known as:
Queensland Tubenosed Bat
Eastern Tubenosed Bat
Eastern Tube-Nosed Bat

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