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Mountain Coati

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Mountain Coati Range Map (South America)
Mountain Coati Range Map (South America)

Latin Name Nasuella olivacea
Conservation Status Data Deficient
Location South America
Colour Brown
Length 36 - 39 cms (14 - 15.4 inches)
Tail 20 - 24 cms (7.9 - 9.4 inches)
Weight -
Life Expectancy


Main Characteristics

Mountain Coatis have a body length between 36 and 39 cms (14 - 15.4 inches) and a tail length between 20 and 24 cms (7.9 - 9.4 inches). They are coloured various shades of brown, depending on their location, and their tails are greyish in colour with black rings.


Mountain Coatis can be found in forests at altitudes of over 2,000 m (6,560 ft) in northern South America.


Subspecies of the Mountain Coati include:

Nasuella olivacea meridensis
Nasuella olivacea olivacea
Nasuella olivacea quitensis

Interesting Facts

Mountain Coatis are also known as:
Mountain Coatimundi
Andean Coati
Andean Coatimundi
Dwarf Coati
Dwarf Coatimundi
Little Coati
Little Coatimundi

Little else is known about Mountain Coatis and it is assumed that their habits etc. are similar to those of other species of coati.

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