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Oncilla Range Map (South America)
Oncilla Range Map (South America)

Latin Name Leopardus tigrinus
Conservation Status Near Threatened
Location South America
Colour Greyish with Black Markings
Length 40 - 55 cms (15.7 - 21.7 inches)
Tail 25 - 40 cms (9.8 - 15.7 inches)
Weight 1.5 - 3 Kgs (3.3 - 6.6 lbs)
Life Expectancy

Up to 17 Yrs

Main Characteristics

Oncillas have a body length between 40 and 55 cms (15.7 - 21.7 inches), a tail length between 25 and 40 cms (9.8 - 15.7 inches) and they weigh between 1.5 and 3 kgs (3.3 - 6.6 lbs). They are greyish in colour with dark rosette markings and a pale coloured underside.


Oncillas inhabit forested areas in South America. They are solitary and nocturnal.


Oncillas mainly feed on small mammals, birds, and lizards.


After a gestation period of 74 - 76 days, Oncillas give birth to 1 - 3 young. They reach sexual maturity at around 2 years old.


Humans are predators of Oncillas.


There are 4 subspecies of the Oncilla:

Leopardus tigrinus tigrinus - Eastern Venezuela, Guyana and north eastern Brazil.

Leopardus tigrinus guttulus - Central and southern Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and northern Argentina.

Leopardus tigrinus oncilla

Leopardus tigrinus pardinoides - Western Venezuela, Columbia and Ecuador.

Interesting Facts

Oncillas are also known as:
Little Spotted Cat
Little Tiger Cat
Tiger Cat

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