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Grey-Faced Elephant Shrew

Grey-Faced Elephant Shrew Range Map (Tanzania, Africa)
Grey-Faced Elephant Shrew Range Map (Tanzania, Africa)

Latin Name Rhynchocyon udzungwensis
Conservation Status Vulnerable
Location Tanzania, Africa
Colour Reddish/Brown
Length 30 cms (11.8 inches)
Tail 25 cms (9.8 inches)
Weight 700 g (25 oz)
Life Expectancy


Main Characteristics

The Grey-Faced Elephant Shrew is a newly discovered species and they are the world's largest known elephant shrew. They have a body length of around 30 cms (11.8 inches), a tail length of approximately 25 cms (9.8 inches) and they weigh 700 g (25 oz).

They are reddish/brown in colour with a grey face and a black lower rump. They have a long, pointed snout which is flexible and very sensitive, and they have long, slender legs.


They are found in the forests of Tanzania, Africa. They spend their time rooting around on the forest floor and they are mainly active during the day.


Grey-Faced Elephant Shrews mainly feed upon insects. They use their long snout to find their prey on the forest floor.


Little is known about the reproductive behaviour of Grey-Faced Elephant Shrews, it is assumed that it is similar to other species of elephant shrew.


Assumed predators of Grey-Faced Elephant Shrews are snakes, owls, birds of prey and small carnivores.


There are no Subspecies of the Grey-Faced Elephant Shrew.

Interesting Facts

Elephant Shrews are only found in Africa.

Grey-Faced Elephant Shrews are also known as:
Grey-Faced Sengi

Grey-Faced Elephant Shrews were discovered by Galen Rathbun and Francesco Rovero, and their discovery was announced in January 2008.

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