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Somali Elephant Shrew

Somali Elephant Shrew Range Map (Somalia, Africa)
Somali Elephant Shrew Range Map
(Somalia, Africa)

Latin Name Elephantulus revoili
Conservation Status Data Deficient
Location Somalia, Africa
Colour -
Length -
Tail -
Weight -
Life Expectancy



Somali Elephant Shrews are found in tropical or subtropical dry shrublands and hot deserts.


There are no Subspecies of the Somali Elephant Shrew.

Interesting Facts

Elephant Shrews are only found in Africa.

Somali Elephant Shrews are also known as:
Somali Sengi

Little is known about the Somali Elephant Shrew but it is presumed that their characteristics, diet, breeding and predators are similar to those of other elephant shrews.

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