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Latin Name Petrogale concinna
Conservation Status Data Deficient
Location Australia
Colour Grey
Length -
Tail -
Weight -
Life Expectancy -

Main Characteristics

Nabarlek are a small, nocturnal species of rock-wallaby. They are mainly grey in colour with rufous tinges and black patches on their body


Nabarlek can be found in northern Australia. They exist in three distinct populations; Arnhem Land, Top End and the coastal Kimberley region of Western Australia.


Nabarlek feed on grasses and other vegetation.


There are three subspecies of Nabarlek:

Petrogale concinna concinna - the Top End population

Petrogale concinna canescens - the Arnhem Land population

Petrogale concinna monastria - the Kimberley population

Interesting Facts

Nabarlek are also known as:
Pygmy Rock-Wallaby
Little Rock-Wallaby

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