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Agile Wallaby

Agile Wallaby

Agile Wallaby Range Map (Australia & Papua New Guinea)
Agile Wallaby Range Map
(Australia & Papua New Guinea)

Latin Name Macropus agilis
Conservation Status Least Concern
Location Australia & Papua New Guinea
Colour Sandy/Brown
Length 80 cms (31.5 inches)
Tail 75 cms (29.5 inches)
Weight -
Life Expectancy -

Main Characteristics

Agile Wallabies are medium sized wallabies that have a body length of 80 cms (31.5 inches) and a tail length of 75 cms (29.5 inches). They are light sandy/brown in colour with a pale coloured underside.


Agile Wallabies can be found in northern Australia and Papua New Guinea. They inhabit open forests, woodlands, coastal plains and flood plains.


Agile Wallabies feed on grasses and leaves.


Agile Wallabies breed at any time during the year and after a 1 month gestation period a single joey is born. The joey remains in its mother's pouch for 7 - 8 months and they are fully weaned at 10 - 12 months old.


There are four subspecies of the Agile Wallaby:

Macropus agilis agilis
They are found in the Northern Territory

Macropus agilis jardinii
They are found on the northern and eastern coasts of Queensland

Macropus agilis nigrescens
They are found in the Kimberley and Arnhem Land regions of Western Australia

Macropus agilis papuanus
They are found in southern and southeastern Papua New Guinea and some neighbouring islands.

Interesting Facts

Agile Wallabies are also known as:
Sand Wallaby
Grass Wallaby
River Wallaby

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