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Azara's Agouti

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Azara's Agouti Azara's Agouti at Lakeland Wildlife Oasis, Milnthorpe, UK
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Azara's Agouti Range Map (Eastern South America)
Azara's Agouti Range Map
(Eastern South America)
Latin Name Dasyprocta azarae
Conservation Status Data Deficient
Location Eastern South America
Colour Brown
Length 50 cm (20 inches)
Tail 2.5 cm (1 inch)
Weight 3 Kgs (6.5 lbs)
Life Expectancy Up to 20 Yrs (in Captivity)

Main Characteristics

Azara's Agoutis are large rodents. They have a body length of approximately 50 cms (20 inches), a short tail measuring approximately 2.5 cms (1 inch) and they weigh approximately 3 Kgs (6.5 lbs).

Their fur is speckled and coloured pale to mid brown with a paler underside. They have prominent ears and short legs. Their distinctive feet have five toes on the front feet but only three toes on the hind feet.

They have very sharp teeth and when feeding they sit on their hind legs and hold food in their front paws.

They are active during the day and in the wild they are shy animals, fleeing from humans if they approach.

They have an active, graceful gait which is either a trot or a series of springing movements and they are good swimmers. If they are alarmed they will let out a bark.


Azara's Agoutis are found in the rainforests and savannahs of Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina.

They are solitary animals and they live in burrows or tree hollows.


Azara's Agoutis diet mainly consists of seeds, nuts, fallen fruit and other plant material. They are known as the only animal that can open a brazil nut due to their strength and exceptionally sharp teeth.


After a gestation period of approximately 90 days, 2 - 4 young are born in a burrow. When they are born they have their eyes open and they are covered in fur. They remain with their mother until they are able to fend for themselves then they leave to begin a solitary lifestyle.


Across much of its range people hunt Azara's Agoutis for meat.


There are no subspecies of Azara's Agouti.

Interesting Facts

Agouti's are known as jungle gardeners as they often bury nuts and seeds and forget where they put them, therefore helping new plants to grow.

Azara's Agoutis are named after the Spanish naturalist Félix de Azara.

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