Mediterranean Monk Seal

Mediterranean Monk Seal
Photographer: Gugui92

Mediterranean Monk Seal Range Map (Mediterranean Sea & NW African Coast)
Mediterranean Monk Seal Range Map (Mediterranean Sea & NW African Coast)

Mediterranean Monk Seal
Photographer: Cornaire Jean Marie

Latin Name Monachus monachus
Conservation Status Critically Endangered
Location Mediterranean Sea & NW African Coast
Colour Dark Brown, Black or Grey
Length Up to 2.4 m (7.9 ft)
Weight Up to 320 Kgs (700 lbs)
Life Expectancy

Up to 30 Yrs

Main Characteristics

Mediterranean Monk Seals are believed to be the rarest pinniped in the world. They have a body length up to 2.4 m (7.9 ft) and they weigh up to 320 kgs (700 lbs).

They can be coloured dark brown, black or grey with a pale coloured underside.


Mediterranean Monk Seals can be found in the coastal waters of the Mediterranean Sea and on the north west coast of Africa.


Mediterranean Monk Seals feed upon a variety of fish, and octopus.


After a gestation period of 11 months, Mediterranean Monk Seals give birth to a single pup. They are weaned at 6 weeks old and they reach sexual maturity at 4 - 6 years of age.


Humans are predators of Mediterranean Monk Seals.


Mediterranean Monk Seals have no subspecies

Interesting Facts

Mediterranean Monk Seals are one of the most endangered mammals in the world.

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