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News Archive January - March 2011

Giant Freshwater Stingray
Dams Threaten Mekong River Megafishes
(March 31, 2011) The giant freshwater Mekong River stingray is just one of many megafish species that could be threatened by ambitious dam-building plans in the Mekong River Basin.
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Seen close up, stumps on both sides of its mandibles are all that remain of a male spider's genitals.
"Castrated" Spiders Are Better Fighters
(March 30, 2011) A new study says, that although they can no longer be lovers, emasculated spiders are better fighters.
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Javan Rhinoceros
New Pictures of the Rare Javan Rhino
(March 02, 2011) A Javan Rhinoceros triggers a camera trap in Indonesia's Ujung Kulon National Park in late 2010. The image was released this week by WWF-Indonesia and Indonesia's National Park Authority. Read More>
Asian Crested Ibis
Best Rare Bird Pictures of 2010
(February 28, 2011) A picture of an endangered Asian crested ibis soaring over China is a first-prize winner in the first annual World's Rarest Birds international photo competition, organizers announced in January. Read More>
Wolverine to Vanish From US?
(February 08, 2011) A new study has found that the wolverine may have found an enemy that it cannot claw past....... climate change. Read More>
Monkeys' "Do Not Disturb" Sign
(February 04, 2011) A group of mandrills at England's Colchester Zoo have been observed covering their eyes, possibly an example of a cultural development. Read More>
Northern Minke Whale
New Hybrid Whale Discovered in Arctic
(January 25, 2011) They may be polar opposites, but something is attracting two species of minke whales, producing at least one hybrid offspring, a new study says. Read More>
Tiger Shark
Sharks are Colour Blind, Study Suggests
(January 19, 2011) Sharks are able to smell blood from miles away but it is unlikely that they know what colour it is, as a new study suggests that sharks are colour blind. Read More>
La Hotte Glanded Frog
Six Long Lost Haitian Frog Species Found
(January 12, 2011) Scientists have been searching in the forests of Haiti for long lost frogs and they came face to face with the critically endangered La Hotte Glanded Frog (pictured). Read More>
Vampire Flying Frog
"Vampire Flying Frog" Found
(January 07, 2011) First found in 2008, this 2 inch long amphibian has been dubbed the "vampire flying frog". Read More>
American Bumblebee
Bumblebees Taking a Nosedive in N America
(January 04, 2011) A new study shows that four species of bumblebee that were once common across North America have suffered mysterious declines. Read More>
A fallen red-winged blackbird
Birds Fall From Sky in Arkansas
(January 03, 2011) A dead bird lies on the ground in Beebe, Arkansas, USA. Read More>

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