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Grooming your Cat
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A Persian Cat

Cats are known for making sure they are well groomed as they regularly clean themselves, however if you become involved in your cat's grooming it will strengthen the bond between you and your cat and give you the opportunity to check for any signs of infection or general ill health.

Benefits of Grooming

Grooming your cat will help provide the following benefits:

• It helps to stimulate circulation and improve   muscle tone.

• It minimizes hairballs in the stomach as all the   loose hairs are removed as you groom.

• Grooming stimulates glands at the base of the   hair which waterproof the coat.

• Smoothing down the fur helps to insulate your   cat's body more effectively.

• Grooming helps to spread sebum across the   coat. Sebum is a natural oil that protects and   waterproofs the hair and skin.

How to Groom

For short haired cats:
At least once a week use a fine-toothed metal comb and a soft bristle or rubber brush to groom your cat. Use the soft bristle or rubber brush to sweep the coat in the direction of the head then gently comb it back again in the direction the hair grows.

For long haired cats:
Groom each day with a steel comb, gently teasing out any knots with your fingers.

If grooming your cat is a struggle try offering treats, stroking and talking reassuringly. It is a good idea to introduce grooming into your cats routine as early as possible - ideally as a kitten, then they will get used to being brushed and enjoy it.

Bath Time!

Washing your cat may seem a bit radical but their may be an occasion when you need to, such as if they end up with something awful on their coat that you will want to clean off.

Firstly ensure you clip the cats nails to keep scratching to a minimum. If you have a long haired cat, groom them before their bath as any knots in the coat will tighten when they come into contact with water.

When you are ready place a towel or rubber mat on the bottom of the bath so your cat has a surface to claw and assemble your shampoo etc. Run some warm water into the bath before you place your cat in, as the sound of running water can add to the potential stress, then you are ready to bath your cat!

A hand sprayer attachment is useful as it makes it easier to soak and rinse your cat and ensure you use shampoo specifically designed for cats, as using shampoos for dogs or humans can be dangerous because cats can absorb chemicals through their skin which may prove to be poisonous.

Nail Trimming

Your Cat's nails my need occasional trimming. To clip the nails, trim a very small amount of nail with a pet nail clipper.

A variety of grooming equipment can be purchased from our online store or a pet shop.

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