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Getting your New Cat Home
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Petmate Classic Kennel

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Jakks Pacific Cat Carrier

When the day arrives for you to bring your new pet home, you will need to ensure that you have the appropriate equipment to bring him home in.

A cat or kitten will require a box or carrier for the journey and in the box you should put a blanket or an old towel to make them feel more comfortable. As this will be the first time the kitten has left its mother they will be anxious and are quite likely to vomit, urinate or defecate, so you should take some appropriate things to clean up any mess.

If you are getting an adult cat they should be less anxious than a kitten but be prepared for all eventualities!!

When you arrive home with your new pet you should slowly let them explore their new surroundings and let them meet the members of the family at their own pace. It is quite likely they will be a bit nervous but with time they will soon feel at home.

If you already have a pet, they should be introduced to your new kitten or cat carefully, as older pets can resent new additions to the family. Ensure they are closely supervised until you feel confident that your new pet is accepted.

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