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Equipment for your Dog
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Petmate Pet Dish
Petmate Pet Dish

Petmate Le Bistro Automatic Feeder
Petmate Le Bistro Automatic Feeder

Petmate Deluxe Fresh Flow Fountain
Petmate Deluxe Fresh Flow Fountain

Barker & Meowsky Dog Collar
Barker & Meowsky Dog Collar

Expert Pet Luxury Pet Bed
Expert Pet Luxury Pet Bed

Canine Hardware Ultra Ball
Canine Hardware Ultra Ball

FURminator deShedding Tool
FURminator deShedding Tool

Front Seat Safety Barrier
Front Seat Safety Barrier

Petmate Classic Kennel Pet Carrier
Petmate Classic Kennel Pet Carrier

When you bring a new puppy home for the first time, or if you own an adult dog there are certain items of equipment that you should have.

Water & Food Bowls

Traditional metal or ceramic bowls are preferable over plastic bowls to be used for giving your dog food and water. Plastic bowls can be easily chewed but metal and ceramic bowls are more sturdy and some are available with non-slip rubber bases.

If you have a large dog, raised feeders are available so that they can feed in the correct position therefore improving posture and digestion.

Automatic feeders and water fountains are excellent if you are going to be away from your pet for a number of hours.The fountains deliver a fresh supply of water for your dog and the automatic feeders can be set to dispense food at specific times. However, these are not meant to be a substitute for human care.

Collar & Lead

A huge variety of collars and leads are available and it really comes down to your own personal choice. They are usually made from nylon, leather or a combination of either nylon or leather and a chain, and they can be purchased from our online store or from a pet shop.

When fitting a collar, ensure that it is not fastened too tightly and make sure you regularly check the fitting of your puppy's collar to ensure it doesn't become tight as your puppy grows.

If you have a new puppy it shouldn't be taken out for walks until it has had all its vaccinations, but it is a good idea to practice with a collar and lead in the house to get it used to them. When you first put them on it is likely your puppy will want to chew and play with them, so walking around the house for short periods will help to overcome this.

When training your dog a standard lead should be used and if necessary a choke chain. A choke chain should never be worn as a collar as it is specifically designed to be a training aid, and one should never be used on a young puppy as it could damage its neck.

Once your dog has been trained to walk on a lead a variety of retractable leads are available. These allow your dog to explore while still being kept under control. If you have more than one dog couplers are available which keep your dogs together, allowing you to use one lead to control them both.


Once again a wide variety of pet beds are available and it is important you provide one for your dog so it feels like it has its own territory and safe haven.

When you have a new puppy, a cardboard box lined with an old blanket is ideal to be used as they can be easily replaced when they become chewed and soiled. Also your puppy will quickly grow so it is best to wait for a while until you buy a dog bed.

Dog beds should have a soft, padded lining and allow enough space for your dog to comfortably lie down. Most dog beds already come with a removable, washable, padded lining, but if you purchase one that doesn't, old blankets are suitable to be used.

Plastic beds, whicker beds, padded fabric beds and bean bag beds are just some of the styles available and often these come in a variety of patterns and colours to suit your taste.


A whole range of toys are available on the market to suit both you and your dog. Toys, such as balls or frisbees, play a part in exercising your dog when you play a game of fetch and other toys are available to hide treats inside to keep your dog occupied.

It is always a good idea to have a few toys around when you get a new puppy, so they have something to play with and chew upon.

If buying a ball for your dog, be aware not to buy one that is too small as they could get caught in your dog's throat.

Grooming Equipment

Short haired dogs only require occasional grooming, but long haired dogs should be groomed every day.

A variety of grooming brushes and implements are available to suit a variety of coat lengths and dog sizes. Extra grooming during times when your dog is shedding his coat, helps to reduce the amount of hair that is shed around your home.

Your dog's claws my need occasional trimming and this should be done with a pet nail clipper. These as well as a variety of grooming equipment can be purchased from our online store or a pet shop.

Travel Equipment & Accessories

There are many occasions when you may need or want to take your dog out in the car and there are many items available to ensure both he and you have a safe, comfortable journey.

Dog guards are available to section off an area of the car the dog must remain in while travelling. They can be fitted just behind the back seat to keep the dog in the boot of an estate car or between the two front seats to prevent the dog from coming into the front of the car. Robust ones are constructed from metal or you can get fabric guards that can be kept in the glove compartment of the car when not in use.

If your dog is happy to sit in the back seat for the journey, he should be secured in with a dog harness. They are usually made from nylon and fit to a standard seat belt fastening so that your dog remains safe throughout the journey.

Back seat hammocks are another great way to keep your dog safe and comfortable throughout a car journey. They prevent your dog from falling onto the floor, prevent him from climbing into the front seat and they are also a good way of keep the back seat of the car free from pet hair.

There may be times when you need to transport your dog in a pet carrier. A wide range of pet carriers are available and they are constructed from a variety of materials and come in a wide range of colours and designs.

As well as the safety equipment for your dog, travel beds, collapsible food bowls and watering devices are available if you are taking your pet on a long journey.


You may prefer it if your dog lives outside or sleeps outside at night. If so, your dog should have a kennel and a run to live in.

Most dog kennels are constructed from wood, but they may also be built from masonry. The kennel should be just above ground level so it remains dry and it should have a sloping, water tight roof.

The run should be constructed from either a metal or wooden frame covered in wire mesh. It should be as large as possible, with the kennel easily fitting inside and the dog still having space to move around.

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