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Grooming your Dog
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Afghan Hound
A well groomed Afghan Hound

Regular grooming keeps your dog clean, healthy and manageable as well as helping to prevent infections.


The type of coat your dog has will determine how much grooming he will need. Short haired dogs only require occasional grooming with a soft brush, but long haired dogs should be groomed every day to prevent the coat from becoming matted.

For long haired dogs, on a daily basis, thoroughly brush the coat to remove any loose hair and distribute the oils from the skin throughout the coat. This will keep the coat free from mats and help it to look shiny and healthy.

Some dogs, such as poodles, have non-shedding coats. They should be brushed often and regularly clipped to keep the coat in good condition.

Bath Time!

Occasionally, you should give your dog a bath. Before you begin, brush your dog thoroughly then he should be washed with warm water and a shampoo formulated for dogs.

Begin by thoroughly wetting the dog then start shampooing from the neck downward. Massage in some diluted shampoo then ensure you rinse thoroughly. It is better to give your dog 2 diluted shampoos than 1 strong one as it is easier to rinse and with a strong shampoo, residue may be left on your dog's skin.

When you are satisfied that your dog is thoroughly rinsed, towel dry him as best you can. If he has a short coat or you prefer your dog's coat to dry naturally, then you are finished. If he has a double coat or long hair, blow dry him as best you can without completely drying him as you don't want to dry out the skin.

Nail Trimming

Your dog's nails my need occasional trimming. To clip the nails, trim a very small amount of nail (1/16 of an inch) with a pet nail clipper.

A variety of grooming equipment can be purchased from our online store or a pet shop.

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