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A dog being clicker trained
A dog being clicker trained


Dogs love going out for walks and they require regular exercise to remain fit and healthy. Combining a walk with a game of fetch is a great way for both you and your dog to have fun together.


Giving your dog some basic training is essential if you want to have a well behaved dog. Being able to sit, come when called and walk nicely on the lead is the level of training that most dog owners would like.

Puppy training classes and basic obedience classes for older dogs are a good way for you train your dog. They are popular and you will usually find one running in your local area. These classes can prove to be invaluable especially if you are dealing with a particularly difficult dog, as the trainers that run the classes can give you some specific help and advice.

There are also many training aids that are available on the market to assist you with training your dog. Clicker training is a popular way of training dogs and puppies. It is the process of training using a click to indicate to your dog that his behaviour was correct.

What ever method of training you choose always ensure you reward your dog when he has done well as this will ensure you future success.

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