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Where to Get a Dog From
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It is possible to get puppies and dogs from breeders, rescue centres and pet shops.


Reputable breeders are the best place to purchase a puppy from as they usually show their dogs and aim to produce a good litter of healthy pups. A good, healthy dog and bitch will have been used and the breeding process carefully planned. It will be possible to see the parents of the puppies and how they interact with people and each other. You will be able to register your puppy with the kennel club and know the exact details of it's date of birth and lineage.

Sometimes people choose to breed from their family pet and these puppies are usually cared for well. They will be less expensive than purchasing a show dog and they usually make excellent family pets.

Unfortunately some people are not reputable breeders and see the production of puppies as a financial benefit rather than the focus being on producing healthy puppies. The potential health and temperament of the puppies is likely to be unknown.

You can locate a breeder by getting in touch with your local dog club or by finding an advert in a newspaper or dog magazine.

Rescue Centres

Unfortunately a lot of puppies and adult dogs end up in rescue centres through no fault of their own, so they are a good place to go to find a new dog.

The rescue centre will do an assessment of the dog upon arrival but the background of the dog will be unknown. A great deal of work is usually carried out by the rescue centre staff regarding basic training and handling, and dogs from rescue centres usually make good, loving pets.

Depending on the rescue centre, you may have to fill in some forms and/or have an interview to assess your suitability as a dog owner because their main interest is in placing a dog with a suitable owner that is going to care for him correctly.

Pet Shop

Puppies are sometimes available from pet shops. The puppies in pet shops are not from reputable breeders and are more likely to have come from puppy farms. The back ground of the puppies will be unknown and therefore the temperament and health of the puppies could be dubious.

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