Grooming your Guinea Pig
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Guinea Pig Petting Brush
Guinea Pig Petting Brush

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Clip & Trim Nail Trimmers - Critter

Guinea Pigs are fastidious cleaners, however if you become involved in your guinea pig's grooming it will strengthen the bond between you and your pet and give you the opportunity to check for any signs of infection or general ill health.


If you have a short haired guinea pig you should brush them once a week and more frequently when they are shedding. If your guinea pig has long hair, you should groom them on a daily basis to prevent their coats from becoming tangled and matted.

You should use grooming equipment specially designed for guinea pigs and brush them gently, keeping in mind that their skin is quite fragile.

Unless you intend to show your longhaired guinea pig, it is a good idea to keep their coat trimmed as it will be prone to matting, and your guinea pig prone to hairballs. You can trim the coat yourself, or you can take your guinea pig to a professional groomer to get this done.

If your guinea pig develops mats in their coat, gradually work out the mat by separating and combing the hair. It may take several grooming sessions to get rid of the matted hair or alternatively you could take your guinea pig to a professional groomer where they will trim it out.

Guinea pigs have a grease gland that is situated under their tail stump. This should be cleaned each time you groom them as they can become rather smelly, particularly on boars.

Bath Time!

Guinea Pigs are clean animals so they do not need baths often, but you may want to bath him a couple of times a year.

When bathing, fill the bath or basin with a couple of inches of luke warm water (enough for your guinea pig to paddle around in but not so deep he could drown). Using a small pet shampoo, wash him gently with your fingers and make sure you take care to avoid his eyes. Rinse him well and then wrap him in a clean towel and gently dry him.

When your guinea pig is wet, avoid any drafty areas as your guinea pig could catch a chill.

Nail Trimming

Your Guinea Pig's nails will need occasional trimming. To clip the nails, trim a very small amount of nail with a pet nail clipper.

A variety of grooming equipment can be purchased from our online store or a pet shop.

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