Preparing for your new Guinea Pig
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Guinea Pig

When you have decided that a guinea pig is the pet for you, there are certain preparations that you will need to make before your new pet can come home.

Firstly you will need to ensure that you have all the necessary equipment that your new guinea pig will require such as a hutch, food bowl, water bottle, guinea pig food, and some nesting material. For more information on the equipment your guinea pig will need, continue>

If your guinea pig is going to be a house guinea pig then you will need to ensure the following:

Remove anything dangerous that your new guinea pig could chew, eg electric cables or other household objects that could be chewed and swallowed.

Ensure that anything that your guinea pig could become stuck in/under is removed or blocked off.

Remove anything in your home that could fall onto and hurt your new guinea pig.

By making the above preparations before you bring your guinea pig home, you will be providing a safe environment for your new pet.

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