Grooming your Hamster
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Four Paws Hamster & Gerbil Brush
Four Paws Hamster & Gerbil Brush

Clip & Trim Nail Trimmers - Critter
Clip & Trim Nail Trimmers - Critter


Generally Hamsters do not need grooming as they
are self-groomers, however long haired male Syrian Hamsters may need groomed occasionally to remove debris from their long coat. You can do this using a soft brush designed for grooming hamsters and gerbils, or a soft toothbrush will also do the job.


You should NEVER bath a Hamster as this will remove the natural oils from his coat and there is a possibility he will catch a chill. They do enjoy sand baths so you should provide them with a dish of sand from time to time and this will help to remove grease from their coat.

Note: Do not use any type of sand, you can buy very fine sand in pet stores that is suitable for hamsters, gerbils and chinchillas.

Tooth Trimming

Hamsters usually keep their teeth short by gnawing, but you should check them periodically and if you feel they are too long, take him to a vet who will trim them.

Nail Trimming

Your Hamster's nails are usually kept short by the digging he will do in his cage, however you should check them occasionally and trim them if required. To clip the nails, trim a very small amount of nail with a pet nail clipper.

A variety of grooming equipment can be purchased from our online store or a pet shop.

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