Super Pet Critter Trail Two

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Super Pet Critter Trail Two

The Super Pet Critter Trail Two is ideal for hamsters, gerbils and mice. It comes complete with two comfort shelves, a drip resistant water bottle, food dish, a safe & silent exercise wheel and three climbing tubes.

It has a unique petting zone that can be opened to allow easy access to your pet and the Critter Trail Two is completely compatible with all Critter Trail accessories and universally connects to Habitrail and S.A.M systems so there are no limits if you wish to expand your pet's home.

The quality plastic construction is stain and odour resistant and the high sides prevent food and litter from being scattered. The unique combination of four sided wire and durable plastic is easy to clean and provides quality airflow and eliminates harmful drafts.

Product dimensions: 15 (L) x 10.5 (D) x 16 (H) inches

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