Cracked Heals

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The heals of the horse become inflamed and cracked, causing the horse pain and lameness.


Cracked Heals are cause by:

1. Standing in wet, muddy fields.

2. Washing your horse's legs and not drying his heals.


1. Clean the heals and dry thoroughly.

2. Rub Acriflavine cream or Protocon ointment in gently every day.

3. When the heals improve and the horse is able to be turned out, ensure his heals are covered in Vaseline.

4. Check his tetanus vaccinations are up to date. If his cracked heals are severe, call the vet who may administer antibiotics.


1. Keep the horse's heels are dry as possible.

2. Never brush wet mud into the skin.

3. When washing your horse's legs/feet, carefully dry the heals and after drying rub Vaseline onto the skin.

4. Apply Vaseline to the heals if riding or turning out in wet conditions.

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