Girth Galls

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A Girth Gall is a sore area that develops under the girth


Girth Galls are caused by:

1. Old or damaged girths.

2. A dirty girth with accumulated mud and sweat.

3. Girthing over dirt.

4. A tight girth on a fat pony.

5. A loose girth rubbing the skin.

6. Unusually sensitive skin.


A Girth Gall should be managed in the same way as a saddle sore.

Exercise may be continued, but restrict it to lunging without a saddle or roller.


Sensitive skin can be toughened up by regular application of surgical spirit. Keep all girths clean and dry and ensure leather girths are kept well oiled. Make sure the saddle and girth regions are mud free before saddling up. Use a washable girth sleeve over the girth of susceptible horses - these can also be used in the recovery stages.

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