Saracen Minty Chaff

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Saracen Minty Chaff

Saracen Minty Chaff is a lightly molassed chaff, produced using only the best quality oat straw, chopped to the required length to encourage optimum digestibility. Lower sugar doesn't mean a reduction in taste, quite the contrary; we have added a good level of pure dried mint herb to the product. This not only helps to encourage the fussiest of feeders, mint is also well known as one of nature's digestive aids. In addition, limestone flour and salt are added to help contribute towards your horse's daily requirements. All in all this results in a highly palatable, dust free product which can be mixed in with any form of concentrate ration.

Key Features & Benefits

• Contains a lower level of molasses than other traditional chaffs
• Added pure mint herb as a digestive aid
• Helps to bulk individual feeds out
• Promotes chewing for maximum utilisation of hard feed

Suitable for:

• All types of horses and ponies
• Mixing with concentrate feeds
• Encouraging fussy feeders


Typical analysis:


> Oat Straw
> Molasses
> Limestone Flour
> Pure Dried Mint
> Salt

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