Saracen Munchies

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Saracen Munchies

Saracen Munchies are a deliciously healthy herbal treat for your horse or pony. Made from wholesome ingredients, Saracen Munchies contain the fresh taste of natural pasture, with the addition of a wide range of pure herbs that your horse will love. Saracen Munchies are made to a low sugar formulation with added minerals and vitamins to cover some of your horses daily requirements. Yea-Sacc and Bio-Moss are also included. Both are natural yeast products; Yea-Sacc is well known as an aid to fibre digestion and Bio-Mos affords some protection from non-beneficial bacteria.

Key Features & Benefits

• Contains the fresh herbal taste of traditional pasture.
• No added artificial colours or flavours.
• Low sugar
• Yea-Sacc to aid fibre digestion.
• Bio-Mos to aid bacterial protection.
• With added minerals and vitamins.


Typical analysis:
Vitamin A
15,000 iu/kg
Vitamin D3
1,500 iu/kg
Vitamin E
120 iu/kg
0.2 mg/kg


> Alfalfa
> Maize
> Barley
> Molasses
> Pure Mint
> Pure Dried Herbs
> Vegetable Oil
> Minerals & Vitamins
> Bio-Moss
> Yea-Sacc

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