Saracen Premium Quality Oats

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Saracen Premium Quality Oats

Saracen Premium Quality Oats are both home-grown and imported in origin, ranging from English and Scotch to Canadian, Australian and Finnish .

The oats are meticulously selected to written specifications agreed with our suppliers, and are cleaned on intake, then stored under controlled conditions in our own silos. Nutritional status and bushel weights are monitored, then the oats are recleaned and clipped and can be supplied whole, bruised or crushed. Dust extracting facilities ensure that the product is as clean as possible.

All varieties can be supplied in bag or bulk blown.

Key Features & Benefits

• Produced at our ISO 9002 registered mill
• A top quality oat
• Double re-cleaned and clipped for minimal dust and admixture
• Dust extracted - a cleaner oat means less harmful dust and    allergens for both horse and feeder
• Well filled, bright and plump grains
• Tested against the presence of E coli pathogens
• Tested against the presence of caffeine and theobromine

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