Saracen Superioats

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Saracen Superioats

Saracen Superioats are a modern development of the traditional cereal, referred to generically as 'naked oats' because they are husk-less. Unlike conventional oats, the husk separates from the kernel during harvesting, leaving a very clean grain. Because the husk is the major source of variability, the levels of nutrients, in particular the oil content, are greatly improved. Consequently, the levels of feed must be reduced accordingly to make allowances for their concentrated values.

Key Features & Benefits

• They are dust-free
• No bruising or crushing required - they are highly digestible    when fed whole, without processing, and do not deteriorate    during storage
• They contain more nutrients per kilo than ordinary oats, so less    cereal is required to provide the same energy intake
• Excellent for fussy feeders or poor doers, where appetite often    limits energy intake
• High energy, but low starch - the high oil content contributes to    this value, making them lower in starch than any other cereal
• High Crude Protein levels, that are more consistent compared    to other cereals, with good Lysine level, thus maintaining quality


Typical analysis:
Digestible Energy
15 mj/kg

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