Saracen Veteran Mix

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Saracen Veteran Mix

Saracen Veteran Mix is a high quality, highly digestible mix designed specifically for the needs of the older horse.

Key Features & Benefits

• High oil level will improve coat and skin condition
• No oats included
• Inclusion of four different herbs which are claimed to help with    respiratory, digestive and healing processes
• Highly palatable
• Constant quality through fixed formulation
• Bioplex minerals included which can complement natural    defences
• Super Fibre technology for controlled energy release and lower    starch levels
• Powerful antioxidant to maintain a healthy lifestyle
• "E-Max Ester" natural organic source of vitamin E with superior    availability

Suitable For

• Horses and ponies aged 16 + at work, rest or play
• Horses and ponies requiring a low starch diet or an oat free diet
• Ideal to maintain or promote optimum condition


Typical analysis:
Digestible Energy
12 MJ/Kg
14.5 - 17.5%
Vitamin A
14,000 iu/kg
Vitamin D3
2,500 iu/kg
Vitamin E
300 iu/kg
0.5 mg/kg


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