Super Fibre Pencils

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Super Fibre Pencils

Saracen Super Fibre Pencils are a high fibre feed that provide a useful and versatile diet for a wide range of situations.

Key Features & Benefits

• Clean, high fibre feed that can be used as a partial hay replacer
• Dust free to help maintain normal respiratory health
• Super Fibre ingredients provide slow release energy for control    and help to maintain a healthy digestive system
• Low energy feed so ideal for native breeds and good doers that    are resting or in light work.
• Fully fortified with vitamins and minerals and trace elements for    optimum health.
• Low in sugar and starch
• Produced to fixed formulation, giving fixed nutritional quality,    unlike hay.
• Sprayed with Soya oil to help with skin and coat condition.

Suitable For

• Partial hay replacer
• Ideal for helping to maintain optimal respiratory health
• Any horse requiring a low starch, high fibre feed
• Suitable for horses and ponies prone to laminitis


Typical analysis:
Digestible Energy
9.2 MJ/Kg
11.5 - 14.5%
Vitamin A
10,000 iu/kg
Vitamin D3
1,000 iu/kg
Vitamin E
120 iu/kg
0.5 mg/kg


> Oatfeed
> Super Fibre
> Middlings
> Molasses
> Soya Bean Meal
> Soya Oil
> Limestone
> Minerals & vitamins
> KER Bioplexed Minerals
> Dicalcium Phosphate
> Salt

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