Badminton Horse Supplements

Badminton Feed Block
Badminton Feed Block (20 kg)
Exceptionally palatable feed block containing important minerals, trace elements, vitamins, cider apple vinegar and garlic.
Designed to be fed to all types of horses and ponies on a forage only diet, i.e out at grass and requiring additional supplementary feeding.
Convenient to use, long lasting and weather resilient.
Badminton Feed Block should not be recommended for use with other concentrate feeds

Badminton Mineral & Vitamin Bucket
Badminton Mineral & Vitamin Bucket (10 kg)
Highly palatable molasses vitamin and mineral supplement in a 10kg tub.
High levels of essential trace minerals and vitamins are included to provide a balance to a forage based diet when sufficient energy and protein is supplied.

Nomad (1 kg)
Blend of magnesium and potassium to help restore correct levels of these important minerals in a horse’s diet when competing or travelling.
Magnesium is known as the anti-stress mineral and Nomad can be useful in Spring, when magnesium can be ‘locked up’ in Spring grass growth, thus turning a happy horse into the horse from hell.

Attitude Adjuster
Attitude Adjuster (1 kg)
Blend of plant materials, homeopathic ingredients, chelated magnesium and probiotics to provide nutritional support during times of stress.
Ideal for horses suffering from non-feed related temperamental hypersensitivity.

Prevent (500 g)
Probiotic to aid digestion.
Feed prior to and during periods of stress such as travel and competition to redress the balance of the bacteria population in the gut

Lakota Salts
Lakota Salts (3 kg)
Glauber salts from a natural source.
Essential for box resting and convalescent horses, or those on a high grain diet.
Carbonates have an acid-buffering effect for optimum gut PH

Remount (500 ml)
Liver tonic.
Blend of organically grown herbs.
Ideal for veterans and competition horses.
Encourages a healthy appetite during convalescence, or times of stress.


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