Baileys Digest Plus Prebiotic

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Baileys Digest Plus Prebiotic

Baileys Digest Plus Prebiotic is a prebiotic supplement proven to support the efficient functioning of the horse's gut by helping to maintain the balance between beneficial and harmful species of gut bacteria.

It is particularly useful at times of stress and is ideal for:
Horses prone to digestive upsets
Older horses
Horses of all ages with loose droppings (in extreme cases consult your vet)
Horses that have been on antibiotics
Convalescing horses or those on box rest
Horses receiving relatively low amounts of fibre
Performance horses

Key Features

Baileys Digest Plus Prebiotic promotes a healthy gut and aids digestion.

Tub Size

Baileys Digest Plus Prebiotic is available in 1 and 5 kg tubs.


Digest Plus can be used in the short or long term and is fed according to body weight.

400 kg & over - 20g per day
200 - 400 kg - 15g per day
Under 200 kg - 10g per day



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