Baileys Limestone Flour

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Baileys Limestone Flour

Baileys Limestone Flour provides your horse with an excellent source of calcium which is vital for the healthy growth and maintenance of bones, teeth and hooves.

Many traditional straight feedstuffs, such as oats, barley and bran, are deficient in calcium and can cause an imbalance in the ratio of calcium to phosphorous which in turn can lead to skeletal problems. However, straight feedstuffs also lack many other micronutrients, so a broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement may be more appropriate for your horse.

Those horses receiving the recommended quantities of a fully balanced compound feed should require no further supplementation.

Key Features

Baileys Limestone Flour is an excellent source of calcium.

Tub Size

Baileys Limestone Flour is available in 3 kg tubs.


Full feeding quantities are detailed on the back of each tub.


Ash Insoluble in HCI

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