Baileys Oats & Honey Oats

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Baileys Oats & Honey Oats

Baileys Oats are top quality oats that have been grown in the UK, thoroughly cleaned, clipped and lightly bruised to maximise nutrient availability. Honey Oats are produced as described above then they are lightly coated in a blend of honey and soya oil.

Key Features

Baileys Oats & Honey Oats are thoroughly cleaned and lightly bruised.

Bag Size

Baileys Oats & Honey Oats are available in 20 kg bags.


Baileys Oats & Honey Oats are best fed alongside a feed formulated to provide the additional nutrients necessary for a healthy balanced diet. Suitable products in the Baileys feed range are Oat Balancer Mix, Lo-Cal Balancer or Stud Balancer.



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