Where to Get a Rabbit From
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Photographer: Marcus Sümnick

It is possible to get rabbits from breeders, rescue centres and pet shops.


Reputable breeders are the best place to purchase a rabbit from as they usually show their rabbits and aim to produce a good litter of healthy youngsters. A good, healthy buck and doe will have been used and the breeding process carefully planned. Breeders will handle the young rabbits regularly so they are confident when being handled and it will be possible to see the parents of the young rabbits and how they interact with people and each other.

You can locate a breeder by getting in touch with your local rabbit club or by finding an advert in a newspaper or rabbit magazine.

Rescue Centres

Unfortunately a lot of rabbits end up in rescue centres through no fault of their own, so they are a good place to go to find a new rabbit.

The rescue centre will do an assessment of the rabbit upon arrival and they will be treated for any illness they may have. They will also be handled by the rescue centre staff to assess their suitability as a pet.

Depending on the rescue centre, you may have to fill in some forms and/or have an interview to assess your suitability as a rabbit owner because their main interest is in placing a rabbit with a suitable owner that is going to care for him correctly.

Pet Shop

Pet shops often sell rabbits and are usually where people go to buy them. Pets shops mainly acquire rabbits from commercial breeders and upon arrival at the pet shop the young rabbits will have had little handling and nothing will be known about their parents etc.

If you are buying a rabbit from a pet shop you need to ensure that bucks and does are kept separately, they are kept in clean conditions, they are well fed, their cage is not over crowded and that the rabbits look healthy.

If you are in any doubt about the conditions the rabbits are kept in or their health, it is best to look elsewhere as you could end up with a rabbit that has health problems, is pregnant and/or extra vet expenses.

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